Shidarion Clark

Shidarion Clark - Chief Information Officer

Shidarion Clark, a Chief Information Officer (CIO) with a track record of excellence, brings a unique blend of Information Technology experience, dynamic leadership, and creative thinking to his role. With over 8 years of IT expertise, Shidarion has excelled in strategically integrating IT operations with business goals, fueling growth and operational efficiency.

Born and raised in the small town of Palatka, Florida, Shidarion learned early on the value of hard work, dedication, and community spirit - values that would shape his future career. His professional journey began in the Army National Guard, where he served with distinction as an Information Technology Specialist (MOS 25B) for the 146th Signal Battalion in Jacksonville, FL. The skills he honed there - in IT system evaluation, risk management, and security incident management - laid a robust foundation for his civilian career in IT.

Upon transitioning to civilian life, Shidarion joined Lannan Technologies, a well-respected IT Managed Service Provider (MSP). Starting as a Systems and Network Engineer, his adaptability, and exceptional problem-solving skills propelled him to the position of Information Security Manager. In this role, he established a robust security program, significantly enhancing the organization's cyber defenses.

Recognizing his growing expertise and leadership abilities, Lannan Technologies promoted Shidarion to Information Security Director. Here, he further refined the company's security governance and risk management protocols, ensuring compliance and data protection. Known for his ability to think outside the box, Shidarion developed innovative strategies that improved the company's IT infrastructure.

Now serving as Chief Information Officer, Shidarion continues to foster technological innovation while maintaining an unerring focus on security and operational excellence. His even-keeled nature, coupled with his ability to generate fresh perspectives, has earned him respect in the industry and within his team.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Shidarion's life is enriched by his beloved wife, Mercy, and their two children, Grayson and Liam. A devoted family man, Shidarion embraces a healthy work-life balance and fosters a familial atmosphere within his professional sphere. He strongly believes that no job is too small and is always ready to lend a hand where needed. This ethos of mutual respect and cooperation informs his leadership style and has nurtured a culture of trust and unity within his teams.

A certified CISM professional, Shidarion's journey from his humble roots in Palatka to the peak of IT management at Lannan Technologies is a testament to his resilience, dedication, and exceptional leadership. With a lifelong commitment to learning and innovation, he continues to influence the world of IT and Information Security through his strategic insights and technical acumen.