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Cyber Security Services

Lannan Technologies' Immediate Threat Intelligence vector is designed to provide rapid insight into your organization's security stance against the latest cyberattacks.

Threat Management

Lannan Technologies actively captures and analyzes threats as they emerge in the wild, enabling you to validate your defenses against these dynamic threats swiftly.

Cyber Security Facts


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In today's landscape, organizations face a constant barrage of new threats, orchestrated by both known and unknown adversaries. Every day brings new payloads and attacks, making security professionals' roles more challenging. They must defend against these threats and assess their organization's security posture continuously.

These new attacks (such as Emotet, Dridex, Ryuk, Trickbot and others) come in different forms, such as an email attachment or a download link appearing on a legitimate or compromised website. After penetrating the organization’s perimeter, they can eventually cause serious damage to an organization. That is why these professionals need to be sure that their cyber security framework holds up against such active threats circulating in the wild.

Lannan Technologies offers cutting-edge Cyber Security Services providing your business peace of mind. Ensuring your business’s digital assets are safeguarded against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. Contact us today to explore how we can enhance your cyber security posture.

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Meet Joseph Quinn, our Director of Cyber Security, with six years of extensive experience in safeguarding critical digital infrastructure and combating evolving cyber threats. For inquiries about Cyber Security Services, reach out to him at